About Cannamood Apparel

Meet the Owner

Cannamood Apparel is the creation of Holly Teegarden (me), the Chief Mood Officer of Moodporium, LLC. I have been in the cannabis industry for three years. I'm not the typical "spokesperson" for this industry. I'm a mom to a teenager, wife, almost hitting 50, potty-mouthed, premenopausal, and, gasp, a Christian. I shouldn't be in the game, but yet here I am. I started my store Moodporium because I wanted to help people feel better with whatever mood they need elevated. 

I realized mid-year of 2022 that the merchandising sector didn't have apparel that spoke to my middle-aged, low-key self. I don't need to wear in-your-face or fun puns to celebrate my cannabis lifestyle. I asked around, and others agreed. 

I'm collaborating with female artists to create this hand-drawn designed apparel & merchandise line. It's a labor of love. We're bringing you items representing a low-key lifestyle that celebrates the Cannamood. 

What is Cannamood?

We take our hand-drawn artwork and marry them with quality items we've handpicked and tried ourselves at Printful. All of the items in the store reflect our goal, to provide products that inspire people to be in a cannamood. What is that exactly? Chill, authentic, functional, and unapologetically YOU!